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Missoula company educates people about the benefits of tea

Lake Missoula Tea Company
Posted at 10:49 AM, Sep 08, 2022

The owners of Lake Missoula Tea Company are heating up their efforts to educate tea drinkers in Missoula.

They held their bi-monthly tasting this week with the tea of choice being matcha and explained it's the tea that has the strongest level of caffeine.

A host came in to explain a Japanese tea ceremony using matcha tea, its benefits, and how to make it at home.

The company isn't new to educating the community as they’ve hosted tea tastings nearly every six weeks for the past decade.

But the COVID-19 pandemic put a pause on that. However, now that restrictions have cooled down, the owners are looking forward to pouring into the Missoula community again.

For folks who drink coffee in the morning, co-owner Heather Kreilick says that there's another caffeine option that could have a better impact on your mornings.

“Coffee when you drink it will kind of a jolt, like it will pick you up and you’re ready to go, and it can drop you off pretty hard and you’ll need another cup of coffee or tea. But when you’re drinking tea, the caffeine releases at a more steady rate,” Kreilick explained.

“So, folks that drink tea in the morning, they recognize that feeling of being very focused and not getting that huge jolt that you might get from coffee but more of a steady flow,” Kreilick continued.

Matcha tea is just one of the many varieties the Lake Missoula Tea Company offers and they say their top priority is to get the community back in to learn more about what they call quality tea.

The Lake Missoula Tea Company can be found at 136 East Broadway in downtown Missoula. Learn more about the company at