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Gianforte honors five MT veterans for their community service

Posted at 7:00 PM, Mar 23, 2022

BILLINGS — The room was packed inside the Veterans Navigation Network in Billings on Wednesday as Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte presented five area veterans with commendations for community service performed after getting out of the military.

"We didn't pick these individuals. They were nominated by other veterans who recognized them first for service to country and then to community," Gianforte told the crowd of friends and family.

Billings Army veteran Frank Dahl said his wife Joyce Dahl has helped him live a foufilled life after he got out of the service.

One of the veterans honored was 75-year-old army vet David Gauslow from Laurel. He served one year in Vietnam, but the past six years have had him playing bugle at hundreds of military funerals in the Billings area.

"I'm trying to do it as best I can with as much respect as I can. Because the gentlemen that we are interring at the time, him and his family deserve that," Gauslow said.

Laurel Army veteran David Gauslow speaks with MTN News before the Governor's Veteran Commendation ceremony.

Gauslow played "Taps" at 96 military funerals near the Billings area last year.

Another veteran honored was Corry Mordeaux of Huntley. He served in the Army from 1955 to 1982. He was stationed in Korea, then move to Berlin for the Cold War and spent time in Vietnam leading Special Forces soldiers. But he's also a valued Huntley community member who helps support other vets through the VFW.

"The military is good, because it really is a band of brothers. Your people are your people. They stick up for you and watch your back," Mordeaux said.

Huntley Army veteran Corry Mordeaux speaks with MTN news ahead of the Governor's Veteran Commendation.

"We try to help other vets. That's our main goal is to help vets that need some help," he added.

Army vet Blake Fuhriman deployed three times to Afghanistan between 2009 and 2013, but he is now a chairperson of the Veterans Navigation Network in Billings.

Army vet Blake Fuhriman established the Veterans Navigation Network in Billings in 2019.

Fuhriman started the organization in 2019 after he had a tough time adjusting back to civilian life. Veterans Navigation Network helps vets exiting the service connect with VA benefits and other peer support.

"Catch them before they get into those moments of crisis so that suicide never becomes an option. They are on their path to success. They have that camaraderie and that support from other veterans that they meet," Fuhriman said.

He was recognized for his work in helping about 200 local vets find a sense of community.

The other vets recognized were Chris Engot and Frank Dahl, both from Billings.

Each veteran received a state flag that was flown over the Capitol Building in Helena.

The commendations given out to five Montana veterans by Gov. Greg Gianforte.

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