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Family bringing choregraphed Christmas light show to Billings for 30 years

Fuller Lights
Posted at 11:50 AM, Nov 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-28 13:50:27-05

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, you'll probably start seeing more Christmas lights around town. There are a lot of wonderful displays in Billings, but perhaps none are better than the choreographed light show at Fuller Family Medicine on the city's west end.

It's a beautiful sight and sound for anyone that drives by Fuller Family Medicine this time of year, but for Brad Fuller it's about more than just Christmas lights.

“Oh man it’s been what 30 years now or more that we’ve been doing it, between my dad and I,” Fuller said.

It began when Brad was in 8th grade. His father, Dean Fuller, decorated their family home right here in Billings, and Brad and his brother helped. Brad actually continued coming back and helping through college and even medical school.

Eventually, it became Brad's turn to carry on the tradition.

“He kind of winded down, and I started doing it at my house," Fuller said. "Then when I built this building, I was like ‘Ah ha!’ I have a perfect location to keep doing the lights.”

12 years later, and the show is better than ever. Fuller has hung almost every single light over the years, but not without a little bit of help.

“For the last 3 years my wife Angela has helped me out," Fuller said. "Hallelujah, because it gets so cold and fine detailed that you need somebody to help you."

It's a time-consuming task hanging over a thousand lights, but Angela said it's actually something they look forward to.

“We really have a great time," Angela Fuller said. "We joke that we have roof dates. It’s become really a family affair."

The couple, with the help of their five children go through the process together each fall. In order to avoid some of the cold weather, they begin hanging lights in October. Although, the lights are never turned on until the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

For Brad, it's a tradition that has really come full circle.

“Our five-year-old Winston, he was working on this big ribbon tree," Angela said. "And he said ‘Daddy, how old were you when you started doing Christmas lights?' And it was kind of a full circle moment for him like 'you know I was about your age.'”

It's a show that many families around Billings look forward to, and continue to visit every year, not knowing the hard work that is invested in it.

“I always say that he’s a Christmas lights rocket scientist, and he truly is," Angela said. "Every beat of every second, every part of every song is so intricately choreographed. My brain is not like that. His brain is amazing."

Brad said it's a tradition he hopes his dad and family can be proud of — a light show with no end in sight.

“I remember growing up, helping my dad at his house and we would get cards saying wow this really meant a lot," Brad said. "And so, it’s kind of that positive feedback that keeps you going."