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Digging up bones on the Montana Dinosaur Trail

Digging up bones on the Montana Dinosaur Trail
Posted at 4:54 PM, May 29, 2024

BYNUM — In the video above, Paul Sanchez goes along on a dinosaur dig with experts from the Montana Dinosaur Center (website) in Bynum.

The center is part of the Montana Dinosaur Trail; click here for details.

Below is the video transcript provided by Paul Sanchez:

Growing up as a child, you learn about dinosaurs and fossils, and all you can think about is unearthing a prehistoric treasure. Well, here on the dinosaur trail, you can make your childhood dreams a reality.

Dustin Warford Site Manager at The Montana Dinosaur Center tells MTN News about coming on a dig site.

We bring the public out on these digs so they can get, an idea of how everything goes, you know, get their get their feet dipped into it a little bit. If they really do like dinosaurs.

Armed with a shovel and a brush, the expedition begins.

Dustin just found another bone. So we just removed this concretion and bone next to this vertebrae. We're just holding the Ungal. So the very last tall bone, the hoof bone of one of our duck billed dinosaurs.

You know, every every bone has its value. You know, if it's just any little vertebrae, you know, that's one more piece of the puzzle for any of our dinosaurs we get out of here. Every vertebrae, every rib, bone fragments. They can be used to put stuff together, or they can be used just to show what happened to this dinosaur. Everything's scientifically valuable.

And we're still finding, you know, new dinosaur species all the time, I guess. So we have a new one, at least for this location. It might be its own species that we don't know enough about it yet. Still need to be prepared. But we’re still finding stuff all the time and people come out and these digs are going to be part of it.

This was and is kind of the the place to be worldwide for dinosaurs, you know, from the start, you know, 100 years ago, you know, T-Rex, Triceratops, Hell Creek, all that stuff that you see all over the world, museums, all that's from Montana.

You know, part of our mission, you know, one thing is to get the public involved. It's also just to keep it in Montana so that, you know, your grandkids and whatnot have the chance to to see what was here before.

Digs like these are an experience of a lifetime. The feeling you get when you unearth something that once roamed our planet is truly unforgettable.

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