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Despite rivalry, strong love of football can't come between friends

For these friends, football is more than a game
Posted at 1:40 PM, Feb 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-02 15:40:22-05

Patrick Caldwell and Lukas Seely have been friends for a long time, and they each have a "ride or die" attitude when it comes to their favorite football teams.

"Hey, all we've got to do is let Mahomes score the touchdown and it's done," said longtime Kansas City Chiefs fan Caldwell.

Patrick Caldwell is a professional poker player, often playing in Vegas, and is also known as the "Sports Guru" among friends.

When asked how long he has been a fan, Caldwell said "Since I was a kid everybody was a Denver Broncos fan, and I've kind of been like an agitator, you know? A button pusher, you know? So it's just normal for me to just be a fan of the rival of Denver."

His buddy Lukas is a die hard fan of the San Francisco 49ers.

"My family came to America in the early 80s. My first sports experience was watching the 49ers play, and Joe Montana, and he was throwing touchdowns, and I'm like Joe Montana? I'm from Montana! And he would throw to Jerry Rice, and I'm like, Jerry Rice? I eat rice!"

For both of them, it's safe to say that football is more than a game.

"Just walking around the airport, I'm wearing my Niners gear, and there's a couple other Niners fans, and they're like, NINERS! And I'm like, NINERS! And I'm hugging strangers and it's cool," said Seely.

Caldwell added, "It definitely brings people together, you know, to celebrate, and forget their problems of everyday life, for that few hours of that sporting event."

Clearly, they both expect the game to go in their favor.

"It'll be fun to watch Kansas City put a whooping on the Niners," said Caldwell.

Seely answered "Yes, the Chiefs are very very good on offense, but their defense is also like, 26th in the league."

"Hey, hey forget about it over here, he don't know what he's talking about!" Countered Caldwell. "I got a lot of Niners friends out there, and they've been running a lot of mouths, and I just want them to know, they're going to be hearing from me Sunday after the game. But if we lose, I might just leave town."