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21-year-old Montanan drives cross country to deliver donations for diabetics in Ukraine

Jake Wittak
Posted at 3:35 PM, Mar 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-21 18:48:37-04

BUTTE - 21-year-old Jake Wittak traveled a week to get supplies donated to Madison’s Mission to Florida, where they would be shipped to Ukraine by Global Empowerment Mission.

"You know it’s for a good cause. A lot of bad things are going on over in Ukraine. It’s good to help out when we can and we had so many people willing to donate," said Wittak.

Global Empowerment Mission is a disaster relief nonprofit that is currently sending aid to help refugees fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Sue Cushman, the international supply chain director for the mission, says that she was surprised to hear about the cross-country road trip.

21-year-old Montanan drives cross country to deliver donations for diabetics in Ukraine

"It’s just amazing to me how the community as a whole, you know, everyone from every state has reached out and just, their hearts are bleeding for what’s happening in Ukraine and they’re wanting to help," said Cushman.

Madison’s Mission is a nonprofit that collects and donates type 1 diabetic supplies to people who don’t have insurance to get the supplies they need.

In Butte, Madison’s mission collected boxes of syringes, food, and much more to be taken to Ukraine.

Wittak packed up and began his drive with a dozen boxes holding supplies, leaving Montana by himself for the first time.

"Going 2,500 miles was, especially by myself, a whole new ball game," said Wittak.

There were hiccups along the way involving a popped tire that left him way behind schedule.

"That was honestly the most arduous part. The first time it happened I was stuck on the side of the road in east Colorado for four hours," said Wittak.

Wittak didn’t let these setbacks stop him and made it to Florida by Friday, photographing his stops along the way.

"Got to see all sorts of new places, got to meet some interesting people, it was really cool. I loved it. Every minute of it," said Wittak.


Madison's Mission collecting diabetic supplies to send to Ukraine