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2024 Elk Hunting Access Agreement Program

Elk hunter
Posted at 7:58 PM, Apr 08, 2024

HELENA — The deadline for landowners is approaching for Elk Hunting Access Agreement.

Landowners who wish to participate in the Elk Hunting Access Agreement (EHA) program must apply to Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP) by May 1.

As a participant in the EHA program, the landowner will be granted an elk tag in exchange for providing free public hunting access.

Landowners can designate the tags to a family member or an authorized full-time employee, but they are only valid on the landowner's property or land that they have leased for agricultural purposes.

One-third of the hunters can be selected by landowners, with FWP randomly selecting the other two-thirds.

The landowner must inform FWP of their selections three weeks before the agreed-upon start date.

FWP will fill the spots if no hunter selections are made within that time frame.

Landowners must own at least 640 acres of occupied elk habitat this year, and they can enroll private land leased from another landowner for agricultural purposes.

Every tag issued will come with a department-selected hunter who holds the equivalent tag.

The public can sign up for EHA opportunities through myFWP from July 1-15.

Public hunters have 72 hours to accept the email invitation from when they receive it.

For more information about the EHA program visit here.