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Annual Foresters' Ball returns to University of Montana

Handmade display at the Foresters' Ball, Missoula
Posted at 4:04 PM, Feb 04, 2024

MISSOULA — The Univesity of Montana College of Forestry and Conservation hosted the Foresters' Ball for the 105th time to teach people about the importance of forestry.

“Forestry is very popular and affects everyone in our everyday lives and the more we can teach people about what we’re doing out in the woods the better we can educate the public, teach people what we’re doing and then get people involved in the industry, explained event coordinator Coson Verkler.

Along with the education opportunity, the students at UM’s College of Forestry had the chance to build the displays and structures of the ball. UM student Charlie Chabot said the experience of building the displays brings the entire class closer together.

“[We] really bond together it gives us a great opportunity for seniors and juniors to bond with the freshman and sophomores. Then the sophomores and freshman building we’ll then have them building next year and be able to build it better than we did and now that cycle will continue as long as the university lets us.”

Above all else, the Foresters' Ball has always been a great benefit for the students who put it on. Verkler reflected on what that means for the students and the school.

“A lot of benefit comes out of it, we get to continue the scholarships for students and it’s also… no one else does this in the world this is pretty special to UM and Missoula… no one else does this so yeah it’s just special to have this and be able to be a part of it and continue this 105-year-old tradition that unfortunately didn’t happen during COVID but we able to bring it back last year and continue it this year.”