Montana Millionaire adds 4th million-dollar prize, increases the number of tickets

Montana Millionaire
Posted at 3:18 PM, Mar 18, 2024

Montana Millionaire has added a fourth $1 million grand prize and additional prizes this year.

The number of tickets sold will increase to 500,000 tickets this year, up from 380,000 sold in 2023, and tickets will still cost $20.

WATCH: Montana Millionaire tickets sell out in 5 hours

Montana Millionaire tickets sell out in 5 hours

In addition to the four $1 million grand prizes, the Montana Lottery is adding more instant-win prizes and a new “Quarter Million Monday” drawing for $250,000 on Dec. 2 instead of the former “Early Bird” drawings. The additional instant win prizes include 200 more $500 instant wins and 2,500 more $100 instant wins.

Montana Millionaire has seen increased popularity in recent years, with all 380,000 tickets in 2023 selling out in just five hours since going on sale.

“This year’s Montana Millionaire has been designed to build on last year’s success in a responsible way while combining feedback from players and sales agents with the extensive knowledge of the Lottery’s staff,” said Montana Lottery Director Bob Brown.

Montana Millionaire sales will go live Nov. 1.