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Zoning, Bogert Pavilion on city commission agenda for Monday

Posted at 3:21 PM, Oct 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-21 17:21:50-04

BOZEMAN — In 2006, 92 residents were evicted from their mobile homes in the Bridger View Trailer Court. Since then, the 8-acre lot off the southwest corner of Bridger Drive and Story Mill Road has been vacant.

“There’s a common community misperception that the old Bridger View Trailer Park is a part of the Story Mill Community Park. That’s actually not true; it’s outside of the park boundaries,” said City Commissioner Terry Cunningham.

The Bozeman City Commission plans to discuss the future of the Bridger View Redevelopment site by addressing the mixed zoning designations.

Currently, the property has 3 designations. The city plans to approve the applicants' request for a medium-density residential zone.

The city has an affordable housing ordinance that requires any developer of more than 10 parcels to have 10% of those be affordable, so it’s likely we will see some affordable housing options in this development.

“It’s our understanding that according to the application materials that this parcel would have community land trust as well, which would preserve affordability for those units,” said Cunningham.

The Bozeman City Commission also plans on accepting a $350,000 donation from Marcia Anderson to help cover the repair and renovation costs of Bozeman’s Bogert pavilion at the meeting.

“I have a long standing relationship with Marsha Anderson and we recognize there was this funding gap,” said Cunningham. “I approached Marcia and she was very receptive to helping us save this iconic structure.”