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With freezing temps expected, health experts remind fans to layer up for Brawl of the Wild

Cat-Griz forecast: Sunny with a high of 28 degrees
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Posted at 7:21 PM, Nov 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-18 21:21:57-05

BOZEMAN — Frigid temperatures are expected for College GameDay and the Brawl of the Wild on Saturday in Bozeman, so that's why experts are recommending layers, layers, and layers so you can enjoy the game safely.

“The biggest thing obviously is to adequate clothing right we want to provide that in multiple different layers. We're not sweating a lot so we're not getting our clothes wet,” says ED Manager at Bozeman Health, Chris Grimes.

Staff at Roundhouse agrees layers are key - they have seen people coming in for warm clothes ahead of the game

“Key thing is layering be ready for anything. You want to start with a nice next-to-skin layer. That can be either a wool garment or a synthetic garment,” says Roundhouse Manager, Marinna Merkel.

Drinking water, NOT alcohol, will also keep students and fans safe in the cold.

“Staying hydrated- that really helps our circulation, or our body helps move heat around. And then third and probably the hardest is to watch our alcohol intake. Alcohol intake actually makes our vessels dilate a little bit more and increases our heat loss,” says Grimes.

So that old tale of a liquor blanket won’t keep you warm.

“If you have a hot toddy or fireball is actually going to warm us up, but it's actually false,” says Grimes

Merkel recommends a base layer one that hugs your skin, so long johns and a wool or synthetic skin layer to start. Then, you add a pant and a mid-layer on top of that. An insulated jacket to top it off. The most important are warm socks, a hat and gloves.

“I had a customer tell me this morning tell me that he’s planning for playoffs- for it to be cold during the playoffs so here we go!” says Merkel.

People are expected to be out in the cold for hours one thing to keep an eye out for is frostbite and hyperthermia, Grimes says to look out for signs of pain and he says get inside as soon as possible. Getting inside every 30 to 60 minutes will also be key.