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Warrior Wishes gets Thanksgiving dinners to veterans in Billings

Posted at 8:17 AM, Nov 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-23 10:17:31-05

Vetsgiving gave Thanksgiving dinners to veterans in Hardin, Red Lodge, Roundup, Laurel and Billings on Tuesday

It's all part of Warrior Wishes, and it's about helping veterans.

Vetsgiving has been supplying dinners to veterans for seven years.

"If you've served, you deserve and that still goes on to this day and it always will," said Miguel Gonzalez, Warrior Wishes founder.

Gonzalez served in the United States Army.

He knows firsthand the power of veterans helping veterans.

"This is my way of being able to say look, I'm your battle buddy," Gonzalez said. "I'll be here. You just call me if you need me. And we'll do it together."

U.S. Army veteran Chris Enget brought his family to volunteer in the hopes of helping in the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

"It's super important to me that my kids be a part of that as well," said Enget, who is also part of Concerned Veterans Of America. "To just understand and see that there's there's needs out there and we can be a part of that solution."

And for those receiving the meals— they couldn't be more thankful.

"I can't believe that since Veterans Day, how many people have, like, come out of the woodwork to support veterans and give away amazing things to us?" said Jon Cory, U.S. Air Force veteran. "And it's just the greatest feeling in the world. To have this kind of support from the community."

"I'm picking one up for a veteran friend that doesn't go out anywhere and I just figure he's earned it too," said Dave Johnson, army veteran and Warrior Wishes board member.

Johnson says civilians and veterans can all be thankful at this time of year.

"Veterans are family and I mean like all of us, anybody that's served, we're all a brotherhood," Johnson said. "So we're gonna take care of each other. We're all family in one way or another."

"Somebody paid that price so that we can continue to have the freedoms we have today," Enget said. "It's super important to be thankful for that."

"I have friends that are still getting deployed overseas and stuff and they're away from their families and I'm just going to eat for them," said Cory.

"Even by a simple thank you or welcome home or something to that effect, does make a veteran feel good inside," Gonzalez said.