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Voters make their way to vote braving snow and cold

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Posted at 5:13 PM, Nov 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-08 19:13:10-05

BOZEMAN — Many voters braved the fresh powder today which made for icy roads to get their vote in.

“Oh, it’s really not too cold we voted before and we always do this,” says voter Hans Struefert.

Packed snow on Main Street muffles the sound of tires as drivers arrive at the Gallatin County Courthouse to drop their ballots off with snow on top of their hoods.

“A little bit challenging but I knew I needed to drop my ballot off and vote so I’m glad it’s done,” says voter Karen Brewer.

As of Tuesday morning, Gallatin County had a 54% return rate for absentee voters. Gallatin County’s clerk and recorder says the low number could be lower due to mailing issues the county experienced leading up to the election. He was expecting more people to come in.

“We did have some early-on mailing issues,” says Gallatin County Clerk and Recorder Eric Semerad.

Throughout the day, lines at the courthouse did get longer as the sun came out for a bit. One voter was glad he didn’t have to wait.

Way better than waiting in the line and going to the booth,” says Struefert.

81% of Gallatin County voters are absentee voters. Election Day is the busiest day to return mailed-out ballots.

“ It’s our biggest day,” says Semerad.

Many voters were happy as they left the courthouse with their vote cast and sticker in hand.

“Feel a great sense of accomplishment and hope- hope for America,” says Brewer.