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Video shows men taunting moose in Big Sky neighborhood

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Posted at 12:54 PM, Apr 03, 2023

BIG SKY — A video sent to MTN News shows two men taunting a moose at night in a residential area in Big Sky.

It’s not clear from the video when the incident occurred, but a Facebook post sharing it is dated Saturday, April 1, 2023.

The person filming the video is located at a distance away from the two men, across the street. He can be heard shouting—in profanity-laced language—at the men, telling them to keep away.

The men continue taunting and inching toward the moose until the man closer to it reaches out and touches its flank. The moose then turns to charge as the man slips and falls on ice, attempting to get away from the moose.

The video ends as the moose begins charging. It’s not clear if the man was injured.

MTN News has reached out to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and has a reporter investigating the incident.

We will update you if we get more information.

Video shows men taunting wild moose in Big Sky neighborhood