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US Postal Service disputes claims from Belgrade residents that mail delivery is behind schedule

USPS corporate states mail is still being delivered on time despite staffing shortages in Belgrade
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Posted at 6:28 PM, Dec 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-04 20:28:57-05

BELGRADE — Residents of Belgrade say they're still facing mail and delivery issues from their local U.S. Post Office. Corporate USPS disagrees with these claims, saying mail delivery is current.

Former Postal employee Derek Homan claims 7 routes in Belgrade are not receiving their mail and it's an ongoing problem.

"I went 11 days without delivery in the area that I live in," says Homan. "It's been off and on for the two years that I've been there."

MTN reached out to USPS Corporate, and they told us this information is misleading and inaccurate, stating:

"Confirmed and verified data for the Belgrade area verifies there are only two routes which are being rotated — delivered every other day — as a result of temporary staffing challenges. The rest of the area is current on mail delivery."

Corporate says it's no secret the Post Office is facing staffing challenges nationwide, but they say they're doing their best to fix that:

"The Postal Service continues to aggressively hire in many locations across the country. The last job fair event was held in Belgrade on Sept. 28 with future events in the works."

Homan believes the staffing challenges could easily be fixed with a change in the treatment of employees.

"I think corporate really needs to look at how they're hiring, how they're treating people, the base pay," says Homan. "It's not the local employees, it's not the local management, it's the higher-ups."

Homan also says he's frustrated with the continual delivery issues.

"It's very disheartening. I mean, that's what the Post Office is based on. We want to deliver the mail, that's the goal of the Post Office, to deliver the mail, be timely—you know, be that friendly person out there," says Homan.