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Thrift store sees increase in customers during the holiday season

Posted at 4:24 PM, Dec 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-10 10:31:53-05

BUTTE — Thrift stores like Butte Rescue Mission Bargain center have been seeing an increase in visitors in December than in the past few months.

Anika Erickson, the store manager of Butte Rescue Mission Bargain Center, said that the increase comes after a few months of slow business.

Thrift store sees increase in customers during the holiday season

“October and November were definitely slower months but as soon as we put all of our Christmas decorations out, December has definitely kicked back up in business after a kind of lull in the fall," Erickson said.

Kimberly Yadao, the assistant general manager, says that this increase in visitors is likely due to the Christmas decorating going on at this time.

"At the beginning of December, we held a volunteering event. We had some volunteers here who helped us get all of our holiday decorations out and helped us redecorate the entire store," Yadao said. "We did some advertising for all of our holiday decorations and since then it has brought in a lot of people looking for holiday decoration s to spruce up their homes and also looking for some smaller gifts."

Erickson said that the community is really helping the rescue mission help those that need it.

“I think it’s just been exciting to see the community just come around to the Butte Rescue mission and the work that they’re doing and just see people just really rally around the needs that have come up because of COVID.”