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Three Forks Schools adds additional safety measures to buildings

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Posted at 5:00 PM, Mar 28, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-30 10:30:35-04

With the number of school shootings increasing across America, it's important to know what schools are doing to increase the safety of their students. Three Forks Schools have taken a number of steps to ensure the safety of their students.

Senior at Three Forks High School, Carey Hansen, says being a student in America can be challenging, but she feels safe at her school

“It's hard some days, obviously, with the headlines that we've been hearing recently,” said Hansen. “I do feel safe and I think too, my mom is a teacher, so I understand how teachers are also trained.”

School Resource Officer for Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office, Dan Mayland, says he serves 14 schools and over 3,000 students in Gallatin County. Since he can’t be everywhere at once, GCSO ensures teachers are trained in case of an emergency.

“So the Sheriff's Office does offer an active killer and active shooter training for schools," said Mayland. “Working with the schools to develop safety plans, whether that's physical security at the school or making sure that they have policies and procedures in place to keep students safe.”

When I visited Three Forks Schools I had to fill out my information and check in on an iPad before I was allowed to continue out of the front office. Before that, Principal Steve Fanning showed me how entering the building works as cameras that were added during the recent renovations. Principal Fanning says Three Forks Schools are always trying to maintain open communication with their students and making sure their students are aware of their counseling resources. SRO Mayland says he thinks the schools are doing a great job keeping their students safe

“Here, in Three Forks, they have very specifically taken safety to be their number one priority,” said Mayland.

As for Hansen, she says the community in Three Forks Schools has made her feel safe throughout her experience here.

“Being from a small school, it's nice to know who everybody is. So, I feel safer that way. It's just how I know the teachers will take care of us as students,” said Hansen.