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The FanBulance has a new tailgating spot after nearly 10 years

Posted at 12:12 PM, Nov 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-19 14:12:02-05

BOZEMAN — In Bozeman, football fans were ecstatic as they saw the College Gameday bus roll into town, but there’s another vehicle rolling through Bozeman that gives it a run for its money. Tailgating at Bobcat Stadium just wouldn’t be the same without it.

“It’s not a bus, it’s an ambulance,” said Rod Ganser.

It’s a FanBulance to be exact. Rod Ganser and his wife Julie Ganser have had this MSU tailgating staple for 10 years.

“My buddy actually found this over in Wilsall,” said Rod.

“It already had gold vinyl seats so it was just the right color.”

Rod and Julie said all the old ambulance needed was an MSU makeover. It’s completely decked out in the best Bobcat way. It even has a TV inside. To this day, it remains a fan favorite. It can be seen in the Homecoming parade every year, people love to take photos with it, and…

“I get a lot of cheers when the train horn goes off, the kids really love it,” said Rod.

“It was even in a wedding before,” said Julie. “It held the groomsmen and the wedding party.”

Rod and Julie have also had the same tailgating spot for 10 years. Lot 828 was all theirs, but this year they’ll be parked on the practice field next to the stadium, right Infront of the College Gameday stage.

“I get this text that says ‘Hey College Gameday has this tailgate spot and want to know if you want to upgrade, so, I emailed them and they said, ‘You guys are on,’” said Rod.

Rod and Julie say it makes them proud to show off the FanBulance. They love the bobcats and love that the FanBulance makes people so happy.

‘The bigger the crowd the better,” said Julie.