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Snow plows work to keep roads safe during winter months

Bozeman resident speaks about what it's like to drive around town after a big snowstorm
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Posted at 5:59 PM, Dec 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-06 09:17:41-05

BOZEMAN — As snow is expected to continue to fall this winter in Bozeman and surrounding areas, snow plow drivers are working hard to clear off busier roads.

Bozeman resident, Jaycey Ells, shares how the roads this year seem to be worse than in the past.

“This year alone I've gotten stuck in my driveway. I got stuck three blocks from my driveway just this morning,” says Ells.

Bozeman Street Superintendent John VanDelinder says snow plow drivers are out early working on clearing main roads.

“At three in the morning, we have a full crew come out doing all the snow rolls," says VanDelinder, "And we try to get all the roads ready. So if you get on one of the major roads and call them arterials and collectors, you're able to get to work, school, and hospital."

VanDelinder says although their staffing is in pretty good shape, they could always use a couple more employees and it isn't required to have a commercial driver's license to apply. Ells believes roads leading to Big Sky need to be focused on more due to the influx of employees commuting through the canyon.

“I've never seen Huffine in worse condition even like during blizzards where you're cutting trail," says Ells, “There’s so many workers going up to Big Sky that those need to be focused on for now.”

VanDelinder assures residents the snow plow drivers are out working hard to keep the roads safe.

“We're out there. You may not see us, but if you get up at three in the morning you certainly will see us. We're the big yellow trucks out there. But take your time. We live in Bozeman. Try to get to a major street because those are the ones that are cleared first. Try not to cut through your residential streets because they have not been plowed yet,” says VanDelinder.