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Signature gathering begins for proposed Urban Transportation District in Gallatin County

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Posted at 8:23 PM, Aug 11, 2022

Signature gathering began as the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) looks to ask voters in portions of Gallatin County to create an Urban Transportation District.

Following the 2020 census, Bozeman crossed the 50,000-person threshold for it to be considered urban which would mean a change to the funding structure.

Now begins the 90-day signature gathering process where at least 20 percent of voters in the proposed district will need to sign on before it can make it on the May 2023 ballot. The district is proposed to span roughly from Bozeman to Four Corners and north to Belgrade.

"The district is designed based on our transit development plan and what the short, midterm, and long-term plans are for those, as well as areas we know are being annexed into the cities," said HRDC Transportation Director Sunshine Ross. "We looked at the transportation triangle plan and were expecting more dense development to happen and where we will need more Streamline service.”

Signature gathering will take place within town and door to door.