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Sheridan community collecting donations to help family of fallen officer

Krinkee Memorial
Posted at 5:14 PM, Feb 15, 2024

The community of Sheridan is rallying to provide support for the families of fallen officer Nevada Krinkee and his suspected killer.

Krinkee was killed in the line of duty on Tuesday while trying to serve a trespass warning. His death led to a nearly 30 hour long standoff, which ended Wednesday evening at 5:38 p.m.

Authorities took an excavator to the home the suspect was hiding in and ultimately shot and killed him when he attempted to flee. Authorities have not identified the suspect.

The incident had the entire town's attention and created a range of emotions for those who knew people involved.

"It's infuriating, it's saddening, it's demoralizing," said former Krinkee's former military colleague Charlie Altvater in a web call Wednesday. "He was probably the realest person I know."

Altvater met Krinkee years ago while the two served in the US Army. He said he was devastated when he heard the news of his friend.

"It can't be stated enough how much of an impact he had on so many people," Altvater said. "It's just said he's gone."

Altvater said the circumstances of Krinkee's death make the situation more difficult. Altvater referred to Krinkee as a frequent volunteer to service who chose to continue serving his country in law enforcement after his time in the military ended.

"It's always hard because we all came home, and for some reason our friends are still dying," Altvater said. "It takes a lot to choose to be the guy standing between good guys and bad guys. That's not an easy job but that's the one he chose."

Altvater said Krinkee was a giving friend and would always be willing to lend a helping hand.

"He was one of those guys that if you asked for help, and he didn't have something going on, he would stop what he was doing and help you out," Altvater said.

Now, it'll be Krinkee's family that receives help. The community of Sheridan has rallied together collecting donations and setting up meals for his wife and child.

"It's comforting," said Sheridan resident Andrea Bartling. "It shows what a small town can do."

Bartling is among the many who have pitched in to help. She estimates that nearly every person in the 19,000-person town have helped in some way.

"It has been overwhelming with all kinds of emotions," Bartling said. "It's comforting to see that a small town like this, in a situation like this, can come together and see it from all perspectives."

Bartling said the help will go in three directions. Contractors have already to volunteer to help rebuild the home that was destroyed by authorities, which did not belong to the suspect but just happened to be where he was hiding.

The group will also help the Krinkee family, as well as the family of the suspect, who also leaves behind two children, according to people who knew him.

"I hope that other towns and other cities around here can see what we're doing and think about how they can act the same way when they are in crisis," Bartling said.