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RV fire prompts fire safety reminders for people in campers

Posted at 11:34 AM, Aug 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-09 13:34:18-04

Following an RV fire that happened last week in Bozeman, it's a good time to take a look at heat and fire safety reminders for people in RVs and campers.

“Folks who are living in an RV or using an RV should be conscious of fire safety tips,” said Fire Marshal Scott Mueller with the Bozeman Fire Department.

Mueller says people need to be aware of fire hazards while cooking in their RVs. There are certain things to keep away from hot surfaces while cooking in an RV that could make a great bit of difference in the safety of the vehicle.

“It's the dish rags, paper towels, it's clothing—all those things need to be kept at least a couple of feet away from those ignition sources,” says Mueller.

Smoke detectors and CO detectors are very important to have stocked in an RV. Mueller expresses the importance of these items within an RV along with other safety tips. 

“Make sure all the fuel systems and the electrical systems have been checked and aren’t leaking. Make sure you have an extinguisher. Make sure there’s a smoke alarm and CO detector.”

The HRDC is also involved in assisting people living or staying in RVs to make sure they are living safely during these hot months. They work closely with the fire department and police to help people stay safe.

“Last summer we went with the Bozeman Fire Department and the police chief to see if folks had smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors and how to check for those things and how to create more safety measures in terms of propane tanks and things like that,” said Jenna Huey with the HRDC.

If you are living in an RV and need assistance with heat safety and relocation you can contact HRDC.