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Residents of Bridger Peaks Apartments are taking a stand against management

Bridger Peaks Tenants Unions host press conference to express concerns over property management
Posted at 9:08 AM, Nov 03, 2023

BOZEMAN — Residents of the Bridger Peaks Apartments in Bozeman are taking a stand about their security and safety concerns.

In a press conference Thursday, residents shared their frustrations with their property management company, Tamarack Property Management. These concerns came to a head for various reasons, one being when Bozeman Fire reportedly responded to 911 calls within the building and was unable to get inside through any of the doors. In these incidents, fire officials had to climb through windows to access residents in need.

The Bridger Peaks Tenants Union has been petitioning management for more than 2 years hoping to get these issues addressed. Residents like Jodee Renick, say they believe these seniors deserve better management.

"My hope is that we will get an onsite management and maintenance man that will allow the community of senior citizens here to feel like somebody cares," says Renick.

Residents are also asking for DevCo Residential Group to meet with them.