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Residents call for safety improvements to Love Lane

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Posted at 5:34 PM, Jan 23, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-24 17:51:30-05

Rapid growth on Bozeman’s westside has meant more people are driving along Love Lane. Residents have raised concerns about the intersection of Durston Road and Love Lane and are asking for something to be done. The county says they have some plans in the work.

“Trying to find safe ways to get in and out of the neighborhood and love and Durston is inadequate,” said resident Winnie Bernardy.

Bernardy lives on Bozeman's Westside. Her daughter recently got her driver's license and has been driving to school on Durston. Bernardy has worries about her new driver on that road.

“We've done our part or portion of educating her about driving defensively, I've always been super alert at that intersection,” said Bernardy.

Not only is Bernardy a parent who worries, but Gallatin County Commissioner Scott MacFarlane and his daughter have also had an issue at the intersection.

“My own high school-aged daughter was in an accident in that same intersection. So it's very, very close to my heart that this is definitely one of our priorities. I was glad to see that I didn’t need to intervene in that," said MacFarlane.

MacFarlane says the county’s own studies have found that key stretches of both Love Lane and South Alaska Road need improvements.

While talks have begun on the need for safety improvements, there is still a lot of uncertainty as to when the work would begin and how the improvements would look.

“How much it would cost to do these improvements and then kind of prepare us for applying for federal infrastructure grant money,” says MacFarlane. “We're not even presuming whether that maybe a roundabout, a four-way stop, a lighted stop, whether we need to get right of way.”

Bernardy says that she is unsure of when the project could come together but is optimistic the improvements will help.

“Probably not before our daughter was out of high school. But, maybe for you know the next kids that are coming down the road that are still in this neighborhood,” said Bernardy.