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Residents and staff at Gallatin Rest Home feel relief as ballot-counting continues

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Posted at 5:57 PM, Nov 09, 2022

Gallatin County continues to count ballots on Wednesday after long lines on election day pushed some results to be released later than expected. Residents and staff at the Gallatin Rest Home have been keeping an eye on the results and many of them see their margin increasing.

“Oh I tell you-I’m thrilled to death I know I still have a home,” says Resident Joyce Santos.

Ballot counting continues through Wednesday in Gallatin County. Election Day saw lines of last-minute voters waiting to register which caused the county to push back election results.

“We’re still counting were still processing ballots I don’t even know how many ballots are going to be going through the machine,” says Gallatin County Clerk and Recorder/ Elections Administrator, Eric Semerad.

Semerad who is also up for reelection says that he’s hopeful that ballot counting will end by Wednesday night. According to the latest numbers, Gallatin County’s voter turnout rate was 48.31%.

One ballot question in Gallatin County with a safe margin is the $3.9 Million Mill Levy for the Rest Home. As of Wednesday, 63% of Gallatin County voters approved the levy and 37% did not. There was a sense of relief that accompanied tears of joy for Administrator Darcel Vaughn.

“Some of our residents don’t really know- but yeah the ones the ones that are aware the ones that watch the news are very relieved,” says Vaughn.

For those who live and work at the Rest Home, this result means a sense of stability.

“This mill levy was absolutely huge because that keeps us in business. That keeps the doors open,” says Vaughn.

Wednesday morning counting was in full swing at the courthouse. Gallatin County Clerk and Recorder estimated there were 6,000 absentee ballots left to count and an extra 2,000-3,000 provisional ballots left. At the rest home, Santos says she can relax a little following Election Day.

“I know I have a bed and a home and it is a relief it was tough yesterday really a tough day,” says Santos.

Planning now begins at the Rest Home. They are also looking ahead to make sure they can continue bringing in residents

Their eyes are on the 2023 legislative session where they hope to see some Medicaid reforms.