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Recruitment events coming up for Bozeman PD and Gallatin County 911

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Posted at 5:08 PM, Jan 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-17 19:08:25-05

BOZEMAN — At Fire Station 3 in Bozeman on January 25 and 26, the Gallatin County 911 Center will be hosting a recruitment workshop to give the public an opportunity to learn more about the profession. Also, on January 26 at the Bozeman Public safety center, the Bozeman Police Department will be hosting a workshop to give locals information about the police hiring and training processes.

The housing market and cost of living have been noted as contributors to past employees and prospective employees from out of state looking elsewhere.

“It’s one of the biggest hindrances that we have, someone coming from another area, moving here, and trying to make a living,” Captain Cory Klumb said.

Klumb says there is currently a part-time officer position opened and a desire to grow the ‘reserve’ of officers in training. They are hoping to garner interest in local applicants that are already used to the high-living cost.

“We know we have qualified people in Bozeman, so if we can find them—if they have an interest, an inkling in becoming a police officer we want to at least get in front of them, present some information for them,” Klumb said.

Gallatin County 911 Dispatch is currently down 14 dispatch operators.

“It’s concerning,” Tim Martindale, Director for the Gallatin County 911 Dispatch Center said. “We’ve struggled to retain people. Our biggest factor in that has been housing.”

Martindale says that the work ethic in the team is strong, but with a few more people working the phones, more people can utilize vacation, sick leave, and time off which could lead to a mental health boost amongst employees.

“I, myself, have gone and answered 911 calls, others in our staff who are trained and experienced have gone in to help out,” Martindale said. “Whether we have 11 or 15 or 25, we ensure that we keep our operation consistency the same.”

To sign up for either the January 25 or 26 Dispatch Center workshop, Martindale recommends emailing