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Reach Inc. looks to expand, targeting Spanish speaking community

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Posted at 5:31 PM, Mar 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-01 11:33:44-04

BOZEMAN - As Reach Inc. navigates staffing shortages, they are looking to tap into the Spanish speaking community.

“Like a lot of places around Bozeman, we're facing some staffing challenges,” says Dee Metrick, Reach executive director. “[Reach] Serves about 100 adults with developmental disabilities. We provide residential, vocational, and transportation services to help people live as independently as possible.”

Before, the language barrier kept people from working at Reach; now, they look to recruit community members.

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Reach Client works on work project

“The only reason they can't work there is because of the language barrier, so I figured why not try to incorporate them,” says Juana Macias, work service specialist for Reach.

Working to take skills that are not normally applied by the Spanish-speaking community.

“The Spanish-speaking community here usually are working in hotels or restaurant jobs,” says Macias.

One client with Reach for six years.

“I like, volunteer and help clean up,” says Martin.

No matter what barriers come up.

“If there is a will there's a way, especially with the job that we do. It's not so much about the words, it's about the actions,” Macias said.

As they look ahead and invite the community.

“I'm just one of those people, that the more heads and hearts we put together the more likely we are going to have a positive and productive outcome,” said Metrick.

As Spanish becomes more prevalent in the Bozeman community.

“I'm excited at the potential to learn Spanish, I know we have clients who are excited at the potential to learn a little of Spanish,” Metrick said.

If you are interested in joining their committee, reach out to Dee Metrick or Morgan Robinson: