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Progress continues on major road connections in West Bozeman

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Posted at 5:04 PM, Mar 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-14 19:04:35-04

No doubt traffic is increasing on major streets in Bozeman.

I spoke with residents who tell me they're seeing a lot more traffic on side streets. To help out, the city is working on two major connections that will complete some broken sections.

“We have been doing some work over the winter for right away acquisition, that's put us into a position to go ahead and start into the design. It will be at least through the end of 2023 where we're finishing up design,” said Bozeman Transportation Director Nick Ross.

The city says after public comment they are still in the final design phase of the Fowler connection from Huffine Lane to Oak St.

“I believe the final class destinates at the predesign phase was about $17 million that we see,” said Ross.

Ross says the cost could be lower if the city leaves Folwer between Huffine and Babcock as it exists.

Residents say they are looking forward to a connection so that traffic stays on main roads and they look forward to feeling safer when their kids are playing in their yards.

On the west side of town, the city is also expecting to make a connection on Cottonwood Road between Oak and Baxter.

“That will provide additional north-south transportation through the area that's rapidly growing,” said Ross.

Ross says the Cottonwood project is expected to cost just under $7 million.

“There will be some utility work that will have to come first in spring, but we do intend that to be a one-season project,” said Ross.