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Postal Service job fair attracts fewer candidates to Baxter Lane USPS than hoped—but nondelivery days ending

USPS says non-delivery days no longer needed despite shortage
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Posted at 3:32 PM, Aug 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-02 17:32:24-04

Last week, the United States Post Office on Baxter Lane hosted a job fair on Wednesday and Thursday to address its staffing shortage. The shortage has resulted in rotating non-delivery days which left many people in the area without mail for longer than expected.

On Tuesday, MTN News spoke with Anthony Spina-Denson, manager of operations integration at USPS, about the recent job fair and whether it was a success or not. He says only 9 people applied at the Baxter Lane location over the course of the two days that corporate officials were there—seven applied in person, while two others applied online.

These are very low numbers compared to the 30 open spots that USPS hoped to fill at this location earlier last week. Spina-Denson says they will continue hiring 24/7 online for anyone who is still interested in working for USPS.

Spina-Denson also says that the rotating non-delivery days are not going to happen anymore and that they were just a temporary fix for delivery issues. For the last two weeks, Spina-Denson says all of the mail coming from Baxter Lane USPS has been current.