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Pack the Place in Pink and its importance to Bozeman High volleyball

Pack the Place in Pink Bozeman Hawks Volleyball
Posted at 12:06 PM, Oct 26, 2023

BOZEMAN — Pack the Place in Pink is a Montana-based organization with a mission to support breast cancer patients.

They provide them with financial assistance, and volleyball teams around the state host 'pink-out' games throughout October to raise money and awareness for the cause.

The Bozeman Hawks volleyball team had a personal cause when it hosted its Pack the Place in Pink game earlier this month.

"We’ve had a couple athletes that have been personally affected by breast cancer," Hawks coach Devin Dynan said. "When we talked in the beginning of the season, I asked the girls how they would like to give back to the community. They just felt very strongly that that was an area that impacted the most people that we know of, and they really wanted to give back to the community in that way."

The team raised money for the cause through selling raffle tickets and T-shirts at different games and events leading up to the Pack the Place in Pink game.

"We’ve seen a ton of support," Dynan said. "We were able to sell raffle tickets our last home game. And we’ve seen a lot of support from our people, from people outside the volleyball community. So, it’s been pretty great to see how passionate people are about the cause and raising awareness."

The color pink has become the universal symbol of breast cancer awareness, illustrating the cause and bringing the community together through its visibility.

"I think that raising awareness through pink, I think it’s a very visible way, you know, it’s recognizable," Dynan said. "So, it’s an easy way to raise awareness and garner support in the community with something that’s very recognizable."

Cancer is a disease that rocks the world of families every day, and this cause just meant more for the Hawks. They did it for all the women in the lives of the players and coaches that have been impacted by the disease.

"We have girls that have friends in the program, friends outside of the program that have been very personally affected — you know, moms that have been gone because they have been receiving cancer treatment, loved ones that have been lost, so it’s just been very personal to them," Dynan said.

To learn more about the cause or give your support, visit the Pack the Place in Pink website.