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Not Afraid tops in Crow Chairman primary

Posted at 8:44 AM, Oct 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-12 10:44:21-04

Crow Tribal Chair A.J. Not Afraid is the only incumbent moving on from the Crow primaries to the general election.

Approximately 3,000 or more than 40 percent voted in person or by mail on the Crow Reservation, according to Levi Flinn, executive assistant to Chariman Not Afraid.

The top two candidates advance to the general election.

Not Afraid topped the list of 14 candidates for Tribal chair with 776 votes followed by Frank White Clay with 654 votes.

Vice-Chairman Carlson Goes Ahead came in third with 353 votes in the Chairman primary.

Paul J. Hill with 720 votes and Lawrence DeCrane with 717 will vie for Vice-Chairman.

In the Secretary race, Vice-Secretary Shawn Backbone (676 votes) and Levi Black Eagle (612 votes) took the top two spots.

The top candidates for Vice-Secretary are Channis D. Whiteman with 653 votes and Yvon Littlelight Medicine Tail, Jr. with 638.

Secretary R. Knute Old Crow is the only one of the four in the executive branch who did not run for any office.

The Crow Tribe general election is Saturday, Nov. 7.