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New smoothie shop thriving in downtown Bozeman despite pandemic

Posted at 7:21 PM, Jan 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-05 21:21:49-05

BOZEMAN — The pandemic has forced many local businesses to adapt. One Bozeman business started a few weeks ago and how they got started is pretty interesting.

“I opened Blended because I own 9 Rounds Kickboxing Studio, which is right next door, and the gym business is a little tough right now in the middle of a pandemic, and Bozeman did not have a smoothie shop per se, and I just thought it was a great idea and it could get us through the next shut down,” said Michelle Ronsen, the owner of Blended.

Being a business owner has its unique set of challenges, but this owner used the opportunity to create something everyone can benefit from.

“I thought here we could bring something super healthy to town that doesn’t have added sugar, that is protein-based. So if you come in here, you can get a full meal with your protein, carbs and fats all in one, knowing that you’re putting really good ingredients in your body,” she said.

And for this Bozeman business owner, being local is important.

“Blended is not a franchise. It’s a locally-owned business. This is my first one. Hopefully, if it all goes well we’ll open a couple more locations,” Ronsen explained.

“It’s great! I love it. I got the mango berry burst,” exclaimed first-time customer Lily Kirikowic.

And these girls also loved the fact that it was a healthy option.

“I value eating a healthy diet, lots of fruits and vegetables. This is why we decided to come here,” said first-time customer Gabriela Moen.

Blended opened just before Christmas which wasn’t exactly planned. But it ended up working out.

“I think we opened 2 weeks or a week before Christmas. Kind of weird timing to open a new business. But you can’t plan when your construction’s going to be done right," said Ronsen.

The smoothie shop plans on being around even after this pandemic passes.