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MSU notifies students about reports of 'sexual violence and sexual misconduct' over Halloween weekend

Posted at 5:36 PM, Nov 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-04 09:42:09-04

Following Halloween weekend, Montana State notified students about multiple reports of sexual misconduct.

“I was surprised and disappointed just because I have been out to the frats before and I haven’t seen anything like that happen,” says MSU Student Ashley George.

“I actually just read it in my last class honestly, I wasn’t very surprised,” says MSU Student Lucy Schroder.

Reaction among students has been mixed about the news many of them say that takes place throughout the year.

“I have heard about it going on before, it's more within the first month of school if I hear anything at all about it,” says George.

An email sent Thursday morning, notified students of the misconduct that took place at parties over the weekend. In the email, the university reminds students of the safety risk of parties, that being drunk is not an excuse for sexual assault. The email went on to say that forcing sexual contact with someone who is passed out because of drugs or alcohol and is not able to give consent is against the law and MSU policy.

“Through the use of a timely warning email of sexual violence and sexual misconduct that was reported at a number of social gatherings over the Halloween weekend,” says MSU News Service Director, Michael Becker.

The university did not comment on how many reports they received or where the reports came from.

“These incidents are under investigation with our Office of Institutional Equity and the university police department,” says Becker.

The last fraternity to be sanctioned at Montana State was Sigma Alpha Epsilon back in 2018—they were sanctioned for three years. Right now it's unclear if any display action will be brought forward.

“It’s premature to talk about sanctions against any particular fraternity houses or any particular organizations or students,” says Becker.

Students say they remain cautious when they go out.

"If we all go out together, we all stay together and we don’t go off with somebody by ourselves,” says George.

MSU says if you have any information, to Call MSU Police at 406-994-2121 or the Office of Institutional Equity: 406-992-2042.