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MSU and Bozeman partner for 'Don't Curb Your Crap' campaign

Posted at 6:53 PM, May 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-11 11:15:45-04

BOZEMAN - Montana State University's commencement is right around the corner, and that marks the season for many students to move out of their college homes. If you have driven around town the last couple of days you may have noticed some large furniture on the streets of Bozeman - that's all due to the City’s ‘Don't Curb Your Crap Campaign’ in partnership with Montana State University.

“That (furniture) is sort of a pain to get rid of during this big transition time as students are switching housing, graduating, moving out, moving in,” says Dani Hess, Bozeman’s Community Engagement Coordinator.

The 'Don't curb your crap campaign" is a partnership between MSU and the City of Bozeman that encourages college students to not throw away their furniture. The goal is to encourage students to follow the city code.

“[It] discourages folks or does not allow folks to put items out on the curb,” says Hess.

The program is also for those who may want to get rid of their furniture but not have it go to the landfill.

“The hope is to partner with the Office of Sustainability this year to divert some of those bulky items from the landfill,” says Hess

For students who have gently used furniture, all they have to do is snap a picture, upload it to Instagram, and tag MSU Sustainability, then they'll help you rehome that piece of furniture.

“That office can spread it to a wider audience to their followers and try to get that item rehomed so that it's not something that goes in the landfill,” says Connor Tweet, Program Manager, MSU Off-Campus Life.

This new addition comes as the program aims to be more eco-friendly and keep furniture away from the landfill.

“We got some feedback that there should be a sustainable option here,” says Tweet.

The hope is also to solidify the relationship between students and the community they live in.

“To support students and relate to neighbors in the city of Bozeman.”

The program is open to MSU students only and available within city limits. Students can sign up through May 31.