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Montana State Queer-Straight Alliance sets up closet for National Coming Out Day

Oct. 11 is National Coming Out Day, an LGBTQ+ awareness day, to support people "coming out of the closet".
Posted at 7:52 PM, Oct 11, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-12 11:52:35-04

Oct. 11 is National Coming Out Day, and members of the Queer-Straight Alliance at Montana State University marked the occasion with a closet they set up on campus to encourage others to "come out of the closet."

"We celebrate Coming Out Day here because it's important to show queer students on campus and everywhere else that they're not alone, that they have a place that they belong and are loved," said Jacob McCandless, MSU student and QSA member.

"Especially in the wake of the threats that QSA received last semester, it's important to show that we won't be dissuaded by that, that we aren't going anywhere. We as queer people aren't going anywhere. And this is a part of the way we show that," he added.

The Queer-Straight Alliance is one of MSU's longest-standing clubs, having supported the LGBTQ+ community since the '70s. The walk-through closet is just one way they've supported student visibility each year.

"Happy Coming Out Day to all of you. No matter where you are or whether you're out or not, be you, we love you," said McCandless.