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Montana Red Cross unveils new blood donation center in Bozeman

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Posted at 11:28 AM, Nov 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-15 13:28:16-05

BOZEMAN — Many proud, smiling faces were seen at the new Montana Red Cross blood donation center on Oak Street in Bozeman Monday as they finally cut the ribbon. This new center has been in the works for 3 years.

“We always hear that one donation can save up to three lives, and just saving my daughter’s one little life, that changed mine forever,” said Wren Garverick, whose daughter was helped by blood donation shortly after birth.

Paul Vaughn, another speaker at the unveiling, is a regular blood donor who made a significant donation to help support the new facility.

“I lay there on the bed and I listen to the technician, the hum of the activity, and the volunteers giving out juice and I think to myself, 'This is a great team and I'm a part of it,'" said Vaughn.

Jane Knobel, the manager of collections for Montana Red Cross says the new center is about five times bigger than the old one. This facility will have space for two additional donor beds and will improve the experience for more than 8,000 blood donors in the Bozeman area.

“This space is just so beautiful, bright, and clean,” said Knobel. “It will help attract donors because parking is better, the visibility is better, and it will also attract employees because who doesn’t want to work in a beautiful, new facility?”

Red Cross collects 44,000 units of lifesaving blood each year to support more than 30 hospitals across the state but thanks to the recent upgrade, they’ll be able to collect even more.

“I like the way I feel when I give blood and I like the way I feel when they say my blood is being used,” said Vaughn.