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Montana life coaches offer 30-day challenge to keep New Year resolutions

Posted at 8:29 AM, Jan 01, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-01 10:29:56-05

Research suggests that only 9% of Americans who make resolutions keep them. Thankfully, there's a resource in Billings that aims to hold those with goals accountable.

Billings resident Jacob Hauck isn't a fan of the word resolution.

“It’s set up for just kind of trying hard but not really being committed, so I have bunch of 2024 commitments that I’ve written out. I’m a nerd so I’ve got a spreadsheet,” Hauck said at DaKava House on Sunday.

He has 40 commitments on his spreadsheet and he's going to need some accountability.

“Just with anything you do, it’s much easier to do with other people than it is to do on your own,” said Hauck.

That's why he signed up for Havoc Mindset's 30 day New Year challenge.

Jacob Hauck

“Havoc Mindset is about changing your mindset. But it’s also about changing the havoc from your past and turning that into a strength instead of limiting belief that makes you feel less than,” said Shane Fichter, founder of Havoc Mindset and DaKava House.

Fichter and his colleague, Ed Gayda operate the Billings based life coaching enterprise.

“I actually started it because of my past of addiction, I wanted to help addicts. But it actually evolved into helping a lot of business owners, some might be struggling with drinking, some might be struggling with compliance,” Fichter said.

They're offering the 30 day challenge to help those in the community that might need some extra accountability. Participants have to check off six pillars each day for the month of January.

“They're reading, journaling, meditation and visualization, exercise, taking a cold shower, following a diet of your choice, and then no alcohol is allowed during the challenge,” said Gayda.

“It really gives people the opportunity to see and explore beyond themselves, what they think they are,” said Billings resident Rocky Stone.

Rocky Stone

Stone completed the challenge last year and has already signed up for 2024, hoping it will assist him in completing his New Year's resolution of helping people.

“It puts us into a group of not just one another person as an accountability partner, but we have a whole group that can help us be accountable for the things we need to be accountable for,” Stone said.

If you're up for the challenge, Havoc Mindset wants to hear from you.

“It’s $49.99 and then everyone that signs up can bring an accountability partner for free with them. It’s basically a buy one get one kind of thing,” said Gayda.

It's an investment Hauck will benefit from for years to come.

“It’s pretty cool being able to take years of my life and that’s what I really think this kind of challenge will do. It’s going to set me up with habits that are going to help me exponentially for a long time,” Hauck said.