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Local partnerships create magical fairy village along Bozeman's Gallagator Trail

Posted at 6:23 PM, Sep 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-23 12:16:28-04

BOZEMAN  — The Gallatin Valley Landtrust and a local children’s theater company, called Random Acts of Silliness, partnered together to bring a little magical experience to Bozeman.

“I am looking at fairy houses,” said 6-year-old Alice Henderson, who came to look at the village with her parents. "I like them,” she said.

Well there is a lot to like. The Fluttery Thicket is a fairy village display along the Gallagator Trail.

“We helped bring this to the community just to bring some joy and magic into people’s lives. It’s amazing. You spend ten minutes down here and you can hear kids laughing and enjoying themselves and excitingly running around and pointing things out to their parents,” explained Danielle Thomsen, the founder of Random Acts of Silliness.

And the 10 local artists hope everyone enjoys their creations.

“This is the flights of fancy flight school and candy shop. A lot of people don’t know that fairies do know how to fly but they don’t always know how to fly safely or do tricks,” said Anna Visscher, one of the artists.

The Fairy village is a light-hearted way to spread joy in a community that’s faced a lot.

“There’s been so many challenges for Americans, for Bozemanites in these last few months that giving people some joy, some magic, something to look forward to is extra important,” Thomsen said.

The exhibit’s only been up for a day but it’s already serving its purpose.

“It was so fun installing yesterday and hearing all these kids in the woods going oh, ah! Mom look at this,” Visscher exclaimed.

The village will be on display for two weeks until October 5th.

“I like finding the houses in places that I don’t really know they are in there,” Henderson said.

The exhibit is completely free and open to everyone. The only thing that they ask is that you respect the artwork and don’t touch, add, or take away any of the pieces.

There is a map available to help participants find all ten displays available here.