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'Limitless': Montana high school senior founds nonprofit for special needs students

Posted at 8:18 AM, Feb 21, 2024

BILLINGS - From placing all four years of high school in state wrestling to getting elected as student body president, Billings Senior High senior Demetri Saliaris holds many titles, as well as a 4.6 GPA.

“I’m part of STEM society, senior advocates and NHS (National Honor Society),” said Saliaris at Senior High on Tuesday.

The 17-year-old can now add "founder of a nonprofit" to his list. The former Boy Scout launched Limitless Kids Montana last April.

“It was a nonprofit that serves special needs students in Yellowstone County,” said Saliaris.

It came about after a profound experience he had with a special needs family friend.

“We had a conversation with his parents and he was trying to get into this school but that school didn’t have the needed resources for him to go there. So that kind of gave me the idea: What are the needs in my community?” Saliaris said.

Billings Senior High senior Demetri Saliaris and Special Education Dept. Head Josh Beeman

“You don’t come across students like Demetri. It’s more than a rarity. It’s an absolute blessing for our school,” said Billings Senior High special education department head Josh Beeman.

Beeman says that Senior High has needed a life skills multipurpose rooms for the last decade.

“We work out of the teachers' lounge or we work out of the home ec room or the concession stand. It always works, however, our students are missing opportunities,” said Beeman.

Saliaris, however, has a plan to use the room to help special-needs students.

“Being able to live individually as well as learning the skills of the hospitality or food industries. Basically it’ll have washer, dryer, and cooking appliances,” Saliaris said.

And he needs your help.

The room that Saliaris hopes to convert to a lifeskills multipurpose space.

“This whole room here, we’re going to have to tear it out and put in a fume hood but we’re looking for funding in as many places as we can,” said Saliaris.

It's a project that will have a big impact on future Broncs to come.

Limitless Kids Montana and Demetri’s vision are the focal point behind helping hundreds of students every single year until this school is taken down to the ground,” Beeman added.

For Saliaris, it's just the beginning.

“I hope to branch out and be able to serve as many schools and students as possible through projects,” said Saliaris.

If you're interested in Limited Kids Montana, visit their website or Facebook by clicking the links above. You can donate to Saliaris's cause by visiting the official website.