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Lambert and Cromwell running for Gallatin County Attorney

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Posted at 5:34 PM, Nov 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-01 19:34:17-04

Two candidates are running for the position of Gallatin County Attorney. Incumbent Marty Lambert hopes to remain in his position as Audrey Cromwell looks to take that position from him.

Lambert has been county attorney for 26 years and Cromwell has been a fill-in judge in Justice Court for seven years.

When the candidates were asked why they are running for county attorney they said...

“It's important that the people of Gallatin County have law enforcement- have someone in the county attorney's office who backs law enforcement and who backs crime victims,” says Lambert.

“I think that there are deficiencies in the county attorney's office that a good leader can remedy, and I believe that the county and the public needs better services than what we are receiving,” says Cromwell.

Both see the increasing workload in the attorney's office but have different perspectives on how to tackle the growing workload.

“So, we really need to increase the manpower of the office in order to meet the growing needs of our community,” says Cromwell.

“That leads to delay in getting cases through the system, experience -having and experienced county attorney I've been a prosecutor for 39 years, and county attorney for 26 years- experience is the key to making the best of the situation,” says Lambert.

Both candidates see themselves as the next attorney. This is their message to voters as to why they should get the vote...

“I'm best able to using my experience and working with the outstanding deputies who serve the public and who are serving for me,” says Lambert.

“For the future of Gallatin County, a vote for the stabilization of the office and really pulling in some of these more modern practices, evidence-based practices that the community really needs,” says Cromwell.