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Judge sets $500,000 bail for four charged in Bozeman-area vehicle break-in cases

Posted at 10:10 AM, May 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-05 16:14:22-04

BOZEMAN — Elmer Edison, Xavier Taylor, Joshua Blair, and Andrea Monroe are in police custody after what officials are calling felony lane gang after a series of car break ins and other thefts.

“They’d already booked reservations in Billings at an AirBNB. So, after they were done with this area, they were in route to Billings to conduct a crime spree there,” said prosecutor Jaydan Johnson.

All four co-defendants made an appearance in court Monday morning after they were arrested by Bozeman police last Friday at an AirBNB home.

“These vehicle break ins and thefts started last week, primarily at trailheads within the county, local parks within the city of Bozeman,” explained Detective Sergeant Joseph Swanson with the Bozeman Police Department.

Unoccupied vehicles in public places, and it didn't matter whether the vehicles were locked or unlocked.

“Primarily what we were seeing is unlocked vehicles were being entered and property was being taken such as: driver’s licenses, checkbooks, financial instruments, and the vehicles that were locked unfortunately, their windows were broken out,” Sergeant Swanson said.

Sergeant Swanson says these four people were identified after a series of tips and sightings from witnesses.

“It’s very unusual for law enforcement to intercept an entire crew. But they were staying at an AirBNB. They had license plates. They had wigs. They had items from the stolen vehicles,” Johnson explained.

Bond was set at $500,000 for each person, which came as a surprise to a couple of them.

“My bond is set at $500,000 due to the circumstances that’s going on in the world right now?” asked Taylor.

“Sir, I have a baby on the way. I have a baby on the way,” pleaded Blair.

All four co-defendants will have their preliminary hearings in district court on May 22nd.


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