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HRDC hosts Homeless Persons' Memorial Day, seeking donations

Posted at 10:25 AM, Dec 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-23 12:25:00-05

BOZEMAN — On December 22, National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day took place at the Bozeman Public Library. The event was dedicated to remembering four people who died while homeless.

The HRDC says nine people have died over the past two years due to exposure-related causes.

Jenna Huey with the HRDC says the event is a great way to bring awareness and dignity to those who passed.

“It’s a really somber but impactful event to show that these people matter to us in the community,” said Huey

Reverend Connie Campbell Pearson is the woman who sparked the idea for the HRDC tiny homes. She attended the event and expressed her sorrow over those we lost, but also her faith in the HRDC and how their outreach keeps growing.

“It feels amazing that we’re making a difference,” said Pearson. “People that are homeless are really able to get back on their feet if you just put them in a warming center for two months maybe a few weeks.”

Right now, there are about 94 people seeking shelter at the HRDC warming shelter. Their capacity is 110. Huey said they’re proud to be able to help that many people but it’s still not enough.

“Since we’re primarily funded by community donations, we rely heavily on that to keep our doors open,” said Huey. “Not just that, but to expand our hours to make sure we’re providing the most amount of access for folks to get out of this weather.”

Donations can be made online.