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"Karaoke For A Cause" helps benefit Great Falls organizations

Posted at 11:30 AM, Dec 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-29 13:31:11-05

Most people sing karaoke for fun, but at the North 40 Bar on 4300 North Star Boulevard, customers karaoke for a cause.

Every week, Legacy Karaoke Entertainment hosts karaoke at the North 40 bar and other bars around Great Falls.

From 8 pm to 1:30 am on Saturday nights, bar belters help generate tips that are used to support a communal cause.

Karaoke Jockey Josh Green chooses an organization that the donations go to support.

On Saturday December 28th, Karaoke for a Cause will benefit the Dandelion Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing child abuse and domestic violence through public awareness.

Dandelion Foundation President Katie Cunningham says that events like this fun fundraiser help keep her organization running.

“Any proceeds that we get from events like this help us go towards our general fund which helps us to be more out in the community, interacting with kids,teaching them about safe secrets and bad secrets, helping us interact with families to direct them on a right path towards prevention of abuse,” Cunningham said.

This event also helps the foundation afford print materials and their monthly sexual abuse prevention workshop.