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Good eggs: From Belgrade to Bozeman, searching for the best omelette in town

Posted at 1:37 PM, Mar 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-14 15:42:23-04

In a Bozeman Facebook group, someone asked ‘Where can you get the best omelette?’. Dozens of people commented their favorite locations in Bozeman and Belgrade.

I visited two of those cafes: Center Ice Café in Belgrade and Main Street Overeasy in Bozeman.

Center Ice Café is owned by Rhonda Gilbert. Rhonda bought the café in 2017.

Center Ice Café has four unique omelettes on the menu, plus a create-your-own option.

“Give us a try. Treat yourself to a yummy breakfast. Treat yourself to a yummy lunch. I’ll guarantee you won’t go away unhappy,” Rhonda said.

Barry Johnson is the manager of Main Street Overeasy in Downtown Bozeman.

Overeasy started in 1998. Barry says their head chef and part owner has been making the same omelette since year one.

Barry says one thing you can rely on at Overeasy is consistency. The Denver Omelette is arguably one of their most popular omelettes.

How many eggs does Mainstreet Overeasy go through in a day? Approximately 250.

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