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Girl Scout cookies season kicks off despite pandemic

Posted at 7:09 PM, Feb 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-06 10:59:09-05

BOZEMAN — Girl Scout cookies have become a staple for so many, and the season is scheduled to start Friday, February 5th. But it brings the question, will there even be a season in 2021?

“The 2021 girl scout season has not been canceled, and it starts today," exclaimed Rebecca Murray, Girl Scout Mom. "And we’re so excited to get out there and meet our customers and start selling cookies in a very safe way.”

Girl Scout cookies season kicks off despite pandemic

With so many changes that come with a pandemic, one may have thought that included a year without the famous cookies. But not if this Girl Scout can help it.

I knew that we would probably still do it because even though it's COVID around we can still do this while staying safe,” said Girl Scout Rose Murray.

This mother-daughter troop duo put their trust in the organization hoping they’d find ways to adapt but still allow them to do what they love and look forward to.

"The Girl Scout organization, their top concern is the safety of the girls, and they’ve done a really good job of finding ways to sell cookies and collect money to keep the girls safe,” said Rebecca.

You can choose to have cookies shipped to you or delivered by the scouts.

“With that money, we can help other people,” explained Rose.

Which is one reason why Rose was determined to sell despite the circumstances, and in the end, it’s taught her a lot.

“Stay creative, and if somebody tells you you can’t do that, don’t listen to that," she said. "You can still do that, and I’ve probably learned that with cookies and COVID.”

And despite the adjustments, you will get your cookies.

“Last year they got their cookies quite a bit later," said Rebecca. "But they still got their cookies because we were trying to figure out a safe way of delivering them. Like I said, the girls are being really creative on how to safely accommodate their cookie customers.

You can reach out to any girl scout member, order online, or look for one of their drive-through pop-ups to order your cookies.