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Gardiner teen launches ice cream business despite pandemic

Posted at 8:01 PM, Jun 08, 2020

GARDINER -- Businesses around Montana have felt the effects of the pandemic. Many have been forced to close, but one brave entrepreneur in Gardiner decided to open her doors for the first time.

“Being in college, money can be hard and so it’s a risk, but it’s a fun risk to have,” said Chloe Chase, who opened her newest business the first day Yellowstone National Park opened their gates.

While other teens are enjoying their summers, Chase, 19, decided to start her very own ice cream shop, Scoop There It Is.

“I’m here from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Those are pretty long hours and I have to keep track of everything. Luckily there are little down times where I can do some homework while I’m here,” she said.

Chase finished her first year at Montana State University but is taking a calculus class over the summer as she plans to major in business. But this hands-on experience is already teaching her so much.

“It’s a good first step just to learn about business. Start small, work my way up there. But there's so many things that I can take from this and apply later in life,” Chase said.

Chloe hopes one day to work for a non-profit and she has that entrepreneurial drive that no textbook can teach you.

“There’s always going to be things that come in your way, obstacles that you don’t see coming. But it’s just important to keep going, especially if you’re passionate about it. Never give up and keep working hard,” Chase said.

While she still may be learning the ropes, it’s clear that Chloe already has the mindset to succeed in the business world.

Once she starts her sophomore year of college in the fall, she will also be hiring her first employee to run the stand for the rest of the park season while she attends classes in Bozeman.