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Gallatin Valley Food Bank encourages residents to stop by before Christmas

Posted at 8:25 PM, Dec 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-24 08:58:41-05

BOZEMAN — As Christmas quickly approaches, HRDC wants people to know it's not too late to use them as a resource for food needs.

“The holidays are always quite busy. People are stretched thin. I think that the pandemic has added a level of stress that none of us really understand,” said Jill Holder, food and nutrition director for HRDC.

How the food bank serves residents looks a lot different these days.

“Basically we had a little store set up in store, so it was self choice which I think is very empowering. It also gave us time to sit down in our lobby and do some real problem solving, really talk to people, let them know that we’re concerned about them, and I think that we lost that connection in the drive thru,” Holder explained.

But the food bank remained open, willing to serve anyone because for them it’s more than providing food.

“There’s certain comforts that help us get through kind of emotional times, so I think that food is really important. Obviously, nutritionally, we need food to keep going. But also, I do think that there is a part of that… it takes away from the feeling of scarcity,” she said.

So the food bank encourages anyone to utilize them as a resource, especially before Christmas.

“But that being said, over the Christmas week, we actually are going to take a break. This staff has given up every holiday that they have earned these last few months,” Holder said.

The food bank will be closed from December 25th until January 1st. But HRDC still has options for those in need during those dates.