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Gallatin Valley Farm Fair teaches kids about ranching

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Posted at 4:17 PM, May 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-10 18:17:26-04

The Gallatin Valley Farm Fair is being hosted this week by the Brainard Ranch. The purpose of this three-day event is to show fourth-grade students where their food comes from and what ranching is like.

The Farm Fair has been going on since 2004. Ranch Host Ed Brainard says he's been ranching his whole life.

“These kids, if they don't learn it here, a lot of them will never get a chance to see it anywhere else," said Brainard. "And that's one of the fulfilling things to know that I think we're actually doing a good deed to these kids.”

Brainard has been ranching his whole life on the same land Farm Fair takes place.

“My Granddad homesteaded here in 1896 and I still own his homestead and then I owned my great, great grandmother's homestead and we've just been around," said Brainard. "It's in our blood, I guess we don’t know any different.”

Brainard says owning a ranch like this doesn't come without challenges.

“Right now, the price everything is, our input costs are so high and everything, and with the weather and the economy and everything that's going on, that would be probably one of the greatest challenges right now because, you know, we don't know what our paycheck going to be,” said Brainard.

At the Farm Fair, Brainard says kids get hands-on experience with the animals.

“They get to milk the cow, they get to make the ice cream and then they get to eat it,” said Brainard.

It's no surprise the kids love to get out and experience what ranching is, and Brainard is glad he can be a part of this experience.

“I'm just glad that we can have the facilities to make it work," said Brainard. "And without so many volunteers that come and come and make it work, they're the reason that this happens,” says Brainard.