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Gallatin Ice expands to year-round ice facility

Posted at 5:05 PM, Dec 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-30 19:05:04-05

BOZEMAN — BOZEMAN - Certain seasons bring certain activities. You typically think ice hockey and figure skating would be reserved for those colder months, but not anymore.

“It’s really about expansion and growing,” said Gallatin Ice's Dave Weaver.

This is what is happening with Gallatin Ice, a nonprofit organization in Bozeman.

"Basically our mission statement is to provide ice activities for all user groups, so hockey is probably our biggest one," said Weaver. "We also have figure skating. We have curling. We have public skating.”

And this year will be a little different than previous years.

“We’re open basically from the beginning of September through April, and then this year the exciting part with us insulating the building is that we’re going to be able to open back up in June," said Weaver.

So ice activities will be offered year-round with the exception of May, which is something the parents are looking forward to.

“It’s a thrill to watch the kids skate, and what they’re learning and how fast they learn stuff," said Steven Zacher. "It’s crazy how fast they learn stuff.”

The organization is expanding now, but there was fear back in February 2020 that they too might have to close.

“I really thought they were going to cancel the year for here, and I think this organization did a great job of keeping things available," said Zacher. "They really tightened things up. It was tough on us parents to bring our kids in and dropping them off and not getting to watch them and stuff like that but they made it happen and it was really impressive.”

And this Bozeman facility will only be the second year-round ice facility in Montana and the kids who use it are looking forward to using it year-round.

And young skaters are chiming in on the planned expansion.

“Yeah it’s really cool,” said George Wolff.

“What’s your favorite part”

“Probably the people,” said Wolff.

The year-round schedule will start this upcoming year. For more information about Gallatin Ice or to view the organization's schedule of events, visit here.