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Gallatin County voters to decide on new county commissioner

Gallatin County voters have the choice between Democrat Jennifer Boyer and Republican Joe Flynn.
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Posted at 5:13 PM, Nov 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-05 12:55:30-04

A seat is opening on the Gallatin County Commission as current County Commissioner Joe Skinner announced he is retiring. Gallatin County voters have the choice between Democrat Jennifer Boyer and Republican Joe Flynn.

We have updated the story with responses from Republican candidate Joe Flynn.

When asked why the candidates are running for county commissioner they said...

“Local government impacts our daily lives in really fundamental ways. It’s our roads and bridges, parks and trails, and even critical social services like mental health,” said Boyer.

"These are defining times, Gallatin is growing and we have social and economic considerations in front of us. We need to ensure a balanced and common sense approach at the county commission level. I see exciting things for our county, however I also see government getting bigger and more involved in our day to day lives, I want to make sure as citizens we maintain our individual freedoms that we value as Montanans and Americans," says Flynn.

On the issues that face Gallatin County, Boyer said...

“Housing and affordability. This is no surprise to anyone also looking at how our community is growing under this rapid growth and looking at how that in ways that are compatible with existing development patterns in neighborhoods,” said Boyer.

Flynn's statement said..

"Growth, water and law enforcement are at the forefront. Responsible and affordable growth going into the future is achievable. The plans we set in motion now will dictate how well we transition into the future with the availability of water for everyone's needs twenty or thirty years from now. Law enforcement is under a heavy strain to maintain their ability to be proactive versus being reactive to crime prevention in the county. We need to continue to support their efforts and needs," says Flynn.

According to Flynn’s campaign website, his work background is in business and he served in the US Marine Corps.

Boyer is a goat farmer in Gallatin County. She says that she brings that experience to the county commission.

“Real life experience locally and throughout our region solving local problems including drought public lands management and community development,” said Boyer.

"I have a unique background in business, managing budgets and organizations. A county commissioner role is involved in managing budgets, projects and serving people. I will bring this business experience with me to the CC job on day 1. I will look to make county government more efficient and responsive to citizens of Gallatin County," says Flynn.

As voters head to the polls, their message as to why they should get your vote is...

“My background is in collaboration so one of the things that I found has been the most enduring solutions is bringing people to the table building partnerships and really solving our community issues from the ground up,” said Boyer.

"Voting for me means voting for smaller, efficient government and representing conservative values. There are currently two Democrat county commissioners and one Republican, by me maintaining the Republican seat it allows for a more balanced county commission versus an echo chamber. Having this balance is important to arrive at good decisions. Voting for me means responsible growth while keeping our personal liberties," says Flynn